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NAME: Mihael Keehl Mello
AGE: 21
JOURNAL: [personal profile] mello

One can best sum up Mello's appearance with one word: Badass. He's decked in black leather from head to toe, everything from his vest and gloves right down to his lace-up crotch leather pants, boots and even his jacket. He generally carries a handgun on his hip, though that's not always the case. The biggest offset to all of this leather is the bright red rosary he never seems to take off. The rosary has a white bead to define each of the Joy prayers, and Mello also wears a small silver bracelet with a tiny silver cross on his left wrist.

Mello, although not quite the perfect picture of beauty he was as a child, is a mixed portrait of perfection and horror. His milky smooth complexion was damaged in a fire and because of this, only the right side of him offers any glimpse to his childhood. His typically long hair was burned and damaged, and as a result he now wears it in a more choppy and frayed, layered style rather than the smooth, perfect bob he'd had before. It still frames his face well, his once full bangs now pulling more to the left side of his face although they do a poor job of covering the scar that now covers that side. His piercing ice blue eyes are still capable of rendering a heart-stopping glare to anyone who dares ignite his temper. Although he had been rather scrawny as a young man, he has always been quite active and although his muscles and average height may be non-threatening at a glance, Mello is not one to be underestimated in a fight.

His scar, as mentioned, covers a good portion of Mello's left side. From his forehead down alongside his nose, the scar cuts diagonally across his face to span down the side of his neck and shoulder, and halfway down his back.
It is a well-known fact that Mello is a very emotional sort of person. What that entails, however, may not be what one would sterotypically think.

Mood swings, certainly. The term "mood swings" may even be an understatement, but let's not dramatize, shall we? Mello is a man, after all. Monthly cycles aren't his thing. Mello's moods shift in direct relation to what is going on around him. The shift of his mood depends entirely on the situation, the level of importance it has to him, and his interpretation of the situation.

He can be known to have a short temper, and it may not always seem, although he is known to be emotional, that he really has any sort of feelings. This emotional man generally knows how to hide his emotions rather well. Play the role, if you will. It's not very common to see Mello get sentimental over anything. Calm and anger are the two most prevalent and noticeable emotions when interacting with Mello.

Mello is known to have very good personal interaction skills. He's got confidence for sure, the type of guy who knows what people want, what they want to hear, and he knows how to make what he has to offer sound that damn good to them. He's generally more the type to react than to think, although he doesn't go completely without thinking at all. He's not completely reckless, although he can be at times.

Lazy and Standby are not part of this man's vocabulary. Mello is very self-motivated, and when he has his mind set to something that he feels must be done, he will do what he feels he must to get it done. He's not the type to let anything stand in his way once he's set himself in motion, and he's not above invading personal space to get his point across.

One sentimental thing that is noticeable about Mello is that he has some sense of loyalty. It was loyalty, admiration, and perhaps even love that drove him from the Orphanage that was his home to avenge his predecessor. He was more hurt by L's death than anyone could have predicted, and his grief spawned a need for revenge that set his life into motion down a different path.
Not much is known about Mello's childhood before and even after being brought to the orphanage in England known as Wammy's House. His blond hair and ice blue eyes hint toward a German heritage, or perhaps Russian. The most we can gather from that period of Mello's life is that, as a resident of Wammy's House, a home for mentally gifted young children, Mello received an excellent personal education quite above and beyond that of any normal schooling. He was a hard worker, and his efforts placed him in the number two spot on the ranks to become the next successor to the great world-renowned detective L.

Most every child at Wammy's House looked up to and respected L, and Mello was no different. His drive and desire to become the next in line to take on the detective's title caused Mello to develop an inferiority complex when he was shot down from first place. He hated the fact that he was second in line to Near, some little twit who had just been brought along and seemed to think he was better than everyone else. As a result of this, he also bears a hatred for Near himself.

When the orphanage received word of L's death, both Mello and Near were summoned to the office and asked to work as a team under the title of L. Because of his hatred for Near, Mello refused to cooperate and left the orphanage, promising himself that he would surpass Near on his own.

Somewhere between his disappearance from the orphanage and his reappearance later in the series, Mello, a young teenager by that point, had managed to make his way from England to Los Angeles in America. He worked his way into a mafia there and quickly gained power and respect, and leadership.

From within the mafia, he continued his personal race against Near to root out Kira first and bring him to justice. He took his methods to extremes, kidnapping Kira (Light Yagami's) sister and demanding a trade-off with the Kira Task Force... Sayu Yagami for a Death Note book. Light's father, Soichirou Yagami completed the trade off... after which Mello had a helicopter and a missile take off from the drop point in order to confuse the task force as to where the notebook was located, and where it was going.

It wasn't long afterward that Light arranged his team to infiltrate the old warehouse where Mello and the mafia stayed. They raided the building and Mello was cornered in a room with a detonator. Soichirou Yagami confronted him with the power of Shinigami Eyes, learning Mello's true name and date of death. Threatened and seeing no other option, Mello ended up detonating the entire building.

Still young at that point, Mello had his perfect childhood beauty... lovely hair, flawless skin, a thin, lean build. After blowing the building to bits, Mello found a gas mask and tried to make his way out. He wasn't finished with his life yet. How he escaped the burning, crumbling building is a mystery...

At this point, Mello disappears again. When we see him next, he has the scar, the choppy hair, and even a slightly more masculine getup of leather. He's reunited with Matt, an old friend from the orphanage, and together they work to find Kira. They have a close watch on him, scouting out areas and people, studying the every move of those they're certain are close to him.

Mello had calmed some by that point and become more calculating, seeming to let his personal emotions affect his work a bit less. He made a connection with a woman who was working with Near's Special Provision for Kira and gained inside information, using it to formulate a plan of his own to expose Kira... even if only to Near.

Before Near could meet with Kira, Mello's plan went into action. Kira's spokeswoman, Kiyomi Takada, was on her way to do her work as an evening television program hostess when Matt pulled up alongside the masses, firing a smoke bomb and taking off with Takada's police guards tailing behind him. Mello pulled up next on a motorcycle, saying that he would escort Takada to safety. His contact from the SPK, Halle, was with Takada and recognized Mello. Trusting him, she allowed Takada to go with him.

He brought her to an abandoned area where he had a small truck waiting. There, he ordered her to strip down with a blanket to cover herself. He put her belongings in a box and put her in the back of the delivery truck, then heading in the direction of an old, abandoned church. On his way there, a news station played the last scenes of his friend's life before his eyes. Despite this, he had to move on with the plan. If he didn't... Near would die, and Kira would win against them both.

He waited. He knew it was coming, and it wouldn't be long. His plan, perhaps for the first time, was perfect. Takada still had a piece of the death note paper on her person, and she killed Mello with it. However, another of Kira's "spokespeople," Mikami Teru, felt that the situation was desperate and that it was a chance to prove himself to Kira. Because of this, he used the Death Note to kill Takada. In doing so, he broke his down-to-the-T, perfect airtight schedule. And because of this, the presence of the second notebook was brought to Near's attention. Near was then able to replace a page in the Death Note with regular paper.
This Mello is being played as before his death (Obviously, hard to play a dead person.) - Fresh from the fire. He's healed and scarred, ready to continue his work on finding Kira and beating Near. He could use some help, though he won't admit that. For roleplay purposes, this Mello has some time to spare in his search for Kira. (That is, it's not first on his list of priorities, though it is certainly still prevalent.)

Intelligence, agility, social skills, sexiness
"Intelligence/Knowledge: 7/10
Conceptualization Power: 8/10
Will to Act: 10/10
Motivation: 10/10
Social Skills: 9/10"
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